Article I - Organization and Purpose


Sec. 1. 

The Trades Board will be the exclusive representative for the purpose of collective bargaining in respect to wages, hours, and other conditions of employment for all employees listed in the following classifications:


Sec. 2.

All Electricians, including High Voltage Electricians and Elevator Mechanics.; Sheet metal Workers; Roofers; Roofer and Sheet Metal Helpers; Painters, including Sign Painters and Spray Painters; Masons; Plasterers; Carpenters, including Carpenter Machinists; Cabinet Makers; Plumber Pipe-Fitters, including Pipe Coverers and Steam Fitters; Refrigeration Repairmen, including HVAC Control Specialist; Heavy Equipment Operators, Heavy Equipment Operator Underground Specialist; Welders; Construction Laborers; Teleph Installer, Repairperson; Telecommunications and Voice Communication Specialist, Communication Worker and all Apprentices to the foregoing at any location or facility of the University of Michigan; excluding temporary and student help; professional employees; teaching faculty; research staff; office clerical employees; technical employees; supervisors; and all other employees.


Sec. 3.

All members in good standing with classification titles listed above will be admitted to meetings called by, but not limited to, the Trades Board of the University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union.


Sec. 4.

The term "member" shall refer to a member in good standing of The University of Michigan skilled Trades Union. Members whose dues are delinquent or members whose rights and privileges have been suspended are not members in good standing.


Sec. 5.

The term "The Union" shall refer to The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc.


Sec. 6.

Each new member will be initiated into the "Brotherhood" and an orientation will be given and will not be considered a member in good standing until such time.


Sec. 7.

The term "Trades Board" shall refer to the Board of Directors for The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc.


Article II - Meetings


Sec. 1.

All General Membership shall be held as follows:


1. General Membership meetings shall be held at the Electricians Local 252 and Plumbers Local 190's Meeting Hall, 7920 Jackson RD. Ann Arbor, MI 48103.

2. Meetings will be held on the fourth (4th) Thursday of each month.

3. Meetings will begin at 4:30 p.m. (Four-Thirty) and will go no later that 6:30 p.m. (Six-thirty).

4. Meetings will be open to the following: All members in good standing; all elected officials of the Trades Board; also by invitation of the President or the Vice President.

5. Meetings conducted per order of business and Robert's Rules of Order.

6. In November and December, the General Membership meetings will be held in conjunction with the stewards' meetings.

7. All Apprentices are required to attend the General Membership meetings when he or she are not in class unless otherwise excused by the President or by calling the Union office.


Sec. 2 

All stewards meetings shall be held as follows:


1. Stewards meetings shall be held at the Electricians Local 252 and Plumbers Local 190's meeting hall, 7920 Jackson Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103

2. Meetings will be held on the third (3rd) Thursday of each month, or as scheduled by the President.

3. Meetings will begin at 4:30 p.m. (four thirty) and will go no later than 6:00 p.m. (six o'clock).

4. Meetings will be open to the following: All shop or area stewards, alternate shop or area stewards, members and invited guests, or officers.


Article III - Special Meetings


Sec. 1.

In addition to meetings as provided for in the By-laws of the Board of Directors, the President shall be empowered to call a special meeting at any time the University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc. is engaged in collective bargaining with the University of Michigan. This meeting may be called upon forty-eight (48) hours' notice. The President may call other special meetings for any other purpose upon fifteen (15) days written notices by general membership mailing.


Sec. 2.

Notice shall be accomplished by posting of bulletin boards. Minimum requirements are posting of bulletin boards at the following locations:


• Plant Department:  Outside wall of Welding Shop.

• Hospital:  B2 Level in Repair Shop

• N. Campus:  Housing Service Building

• Flint & Dearborn Campuses:  Telephone or E-mail communications with area stewards

• Other bulletin boards shall be posted as time permits.


Sec. 3.

Recall of Officers. Recall of officers representing The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc. shall be as follows: The member or members shall notify the President of the Board of Directors by Registered Mail, the Intent of Recall and why. In no less than 60 (sixty) calendar days, signed Union members petitions requesting recall shall be hand delivered to the President of the Board of Directors, who shall determine the validity of the members and signatures. The membership petitioning recall shall be not less than a simple majority of the total membership. The President and Vice President will notify by mail and bulletin boards, members of The Union of a Recall Election. The election shall be as soon as practical, pursuant to Article II, Paragraph 1, By-laws.


Sec. 4.

A special meeting shall be called for any increase or decrease of membership dues in the bargaining unit.


Sec. 5.

A special meeting shall be called for any increase or decrease paid to any office holder or paid fringe benefit to any office holder from membership dues in the bargaining unit.


Sec. 6.

Attendance. All members in good standing are encouraged to attend all meetings.


Sec. 7.

In the event of a called strike, all members must report to the union hall on the first (1st) day of the strike. At that time the strike committee will assign all essential personnel, assign picket times and places, and ensure strike compliance by our members.


Sec. 8.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors shall conduct the meetings in accordance with the Roberts Rules of Order, and will only discuss such matters pertinent to the "Special Called Meeting". The Chairman may also 'adjourn' any meeting in which he or she deems unruly.


Article IV - Officers and Duties


Sec. 1.

In addition to the duties of the elected officials of The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc., as set forth in the Organization Articles of the Board of Directors, said elected persons should be further responsible as follows:



The President shall represent The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc. at all conference grievances and all other meetings with the University of Michigan personnel; appoint all standing committee chairpersons and members, except where excluded by these By-laws; report monthly to the membership and Executive Board regarding the general status and affairs of The Union; represent all members during contract negotiations, grievance proceedings and arbitration proceedings with the University of Michigan; and promote as necessary, the welfare of The Union and its individual members; and shall be signatory to all Financial accounts.


Vice President.

The Vice President shall preside at all membership meetings and Executive Board meetings of The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc.; and shall assist the President as required and requested by the President. In the event of the inability of President to perform his or her duties, as set forth above and in the Organizational Articles and By-laws of the Board of Directors, the Vice President shall act in his or her place instead; and shall be signatory to all Financial accounts.


Recording Secretary.

The Recording Secretary shall record the minutes of regular and special meetings of the membership of The Union; carry on all correspondence for the Trades Board as directed by the President; keep records of all elections of The Union; and carry out all other duties as are usual and necessary for the Office of Recording Secretary and as requested by the President and shall be signatory to all Financial accounts.



The Treasurer shall over see all Financial affairs, deposits, disbursements, Audits, reports of The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc.; and shall be signatory to all Financial accounts; and shall make no disbursement without sanction of the members or Executive Board, except for payments of regular and standing bills such as rent, salaries and payments to the Trades Board which do not require a vote of the members or Executive Board.



The Sergeant-At-Arms shall be considered an officer of The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc.. The Sergeant-At-Arms shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of the membership at all meetings. The Sergeant-At-Arms may appoint assistants in the performance of his aforementioned duties. The Sergeant-At-Arms shall prepare a roster of all members in attendance at each regularly scheduled and specially called meeting; and, at the conclusion of same, deliver said roster to the Recording Secretary.


The three (3) members

elected by the general membership of The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc. for the purpose of negotiations as referred to in Article VI, Section 1, shall also be considered as officers of The Union.


Article V - Stewards


Sec. 1.

Stewards shall be elected from the area over which they have jurisdiction pursuant to the existing Collective Bargaining Agreement with the University of Michigan. The elections shall be held in October of odd numbered years prior to the General Membership meeting. All members are eligible for nomination for the position of Steward.


Sec. 2.

Steward's Duties.


Steward elections will be carried out by the following procedure:

  1. A notice will be sent out to all members, in the month of September of an election year, notifying the members of the upcoming elections.
  2. Any member who would like to run for Steward or Alternate Steward must contact the President no later than October 7th.
  3. A list of candidate will be posted in each shop area and the Union website.  Only candidates for the area of representation will be posted in the shop.  The shop posting will be the responsibility of the current Steward, additionally; the Steward will place a sealed box in the shop area (or other convenient location) for the purpose of collecting ballots.
  4. Voting will occur by placing a signed ballot in the ballot box, e-mailing your vote to the president, hand delivering your ballot to the President, or any other verifiable means approved by the President and will end at 4:00 p.m. on the 4th Thursday of October.
  5. The election results will be posted on the Union website no later then I week after voting has been completed.


• To have a copy of the current Agreement, By-laws, and seniority list, and are familiar with the same.

• To see that the best interest of The Union is encouraged and protected.

• To report to the President or Vice President any violation of the Agreement.

• To perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President.


Sec. 3.

Any Steward failing to discharge his duties or failing to attend two consecutive Steward meetings, unless satisfactory excuse is given, may be removed from office by the President appointing another Steward until the next regular election.


Sec. 4.

A Steward may be recalled by a simple majority of employees represented by that Steward, and the recall election will be limited to those employees. A recall election will be conducted after a petition signed by a majority of the employees has been submitted to the President and the President has verified the validity of the signatures. The recall election will be held immediately after the next regularly scheduled general membership meeting.


Article VI - Standing Committees


Sec. 1.

Negotiating Committee. The Negotiating Committee shall consist of eight (8) members, including the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-At-Arms, and three (3) members elected from the general membership of the Union. The committee shall be responsible for all negotiations conducted with the University of Michigan and shall serve as the Board of Directors.


Sec. 2.

Board of Directors.


• The Board of Directors shall consist of the eight (8) members serving as the Negotiating Committee.

• The Trades Board shall meet between regular General Membership meetings, and shall have the power to take any action The Union can take, and which should be taken prior to the next regular meeting of the membership. Matters referred to the Trades Board by the President shall take precedence over all other matters before the Trades Board.

• Its chairman or the President may call special meetings of the Trades Board.

• The Vice President shall serve as Chairman of the Trades Board and the Recording Secretary shall serve as Secretary of the Trades Board.

• A record of all business transacted by the Trades Board shall be kept and a report shall be made to the members at the next regular Membership meeting.


Sec. 3.

Joint Apprenticeship Committee. The Joint Apprenticeship Committee shall consist of four (4) members elected by the General Membership to serve as representatives of the membership. Additional members will be appointed by the President as needed. Joint Apprenticeship Committee duties and responsibilities are as outlined in the current Agreement.


Article VII - Elections


Sec. 1. 


1. Term of Office. The term of office of all elected officials shall be three (3) years or until their successors are duly elected.

2. All members are eligible for nomination as an elected officer.  No member shall be eligible for office unless he/she has been a member in continuous good standing for at least one (1) year immediately prior to nominations. No apprentice shall be eligible to hold an elected office.

3. Nominations for elected offices shall be conducted at the September Membership meeting in the year of the election unless the Union is engaged in contract negotiations, then nominations will be at the next Membership meeting following ratification by the membership. 

4. Elections for these offices will be held on  the next membership meeting day following nominations.

5. At the Membership meeting when nominations are made and those nominated are found to be qualified, nominations are closed.  The Vice President shall appoint an Election Judge and as many tellers as are required, who shall serve as an Election Board to conduct the election. The Election Board shall have ballots prepared, listing in alphabetical order, the names of all candidates for each respective office. Such ballots shall not contain any identifying numbers or marks. No candidate for any office shall be eligible to serve on the Election Board.  Lost time will be paid to not more than five (5) people overseeing the election polls.

6. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Polls will open at 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

7. On the day when elections are held, the Election Board shall conduct an orderly election, providing each qualified voter with one official ballot, and a place where that voter may complete that ballot in secret.

8. When the polls have closed and voting has ceased, the Election Board shall immediately count and tabulate the ballots. A report of the election results shall be made immediately by the Election Board. All ballots and other papers shall be preserved and sealed for one (1) year from the date of the election, after which the same shall be destroyed unless a question has arisen concerning the same.

9. Eligibility to vote. All members in good standing are eligible to vote.

10. In the event the candidate does not receive a majority of the votes cast for a specific office, then a run off election will be held between the two (2) candidates receiving the highest number of votes. This does not include candidates for the Negotiating Committee, which shall be decided for the candidates receiving the most votes.

11. When a run off election is necessary, such an election shall be held at the next regular meeting after the regular election is held.

12. If any member is scheduled to work all of the hours that the polls are open, that employee shall be allowed to vote in a manner determined by the Election Board. If any member is scheduled to work during any meeting called for the purpose of voting on amendments to the By-laws or increase or decreases in dues, those members shall be allowed to vote in any manner proposed by the President and approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.

13. (1) Members in good standing and qualified to vote who expect to be unable to visit the polls on election day may at any time within thirty (30) days but not less than five (5) days prior to the date of election, make application in writing stating good cause to the Election Judge for an absentee ballot. Any such qualified applicant shall be furnished an official ballot and two envelopes. One envelope shall be smaller than the other and shall be marked only with the words: "OFFICIAL BALLOT". The larger envelope shall be pre-addressed to the Election Board and shall contain a space in the upper left-hand corner where the member shall place their name and address. (2) Upon a member receiving an absentee ballot, he of she shall mark same and enclose it in the smaller envelope marked: "OFFICIAL BALLOT". This envelope shall then be placed in the larger envelop and mailed to the Election Board in time to be received before the polls are closed on election day. The Election Board shall open the envelopes, remove the small envelope marked: "OFFICIAL BALLOT: and deposit the same in the ballot box with the other ballots. (3) No member receiving an absentee ballot shall be permitted to vote in person at the election, unless he or she has first returned the absentee ballot unmarked to the Election Judge.


Sec. 2.

Vacancy in office. In the event that the President resigns or is otherwise unable to complete the elected term of office, the Vice President will serve as the President for the remainder of the elected term until the next general election. If any other officer resigns or is otherwise unable to complete the elected term of office, the Trades Board will replace that officer by appointing another member to fill that position until the next general election.


Sec. 3.

The voting to ratify or reject a proposed collective bargaining agreement will not be conducted until at least three (3) working days have passed since the public reading of the proposed agreement.


Article VIII - Dues, Fees, Assessments


Sec. 1.

All members of The Union shall stay current with the appropriate Union Dues Check-off, Service Fee Check-off or Assessment as provided in the current Working Agreement.


Sec. 2.

Any changes in Dues, Service Fees, or Assessments shall only be made by majority vote by secret ballot of members in good standing at a Membership meeting notified for that purpose. Notification of that meeting shall be by posting of all Trades Bulletin Boards.


Article IX - Salaries, Expenses, Reimbursements


Sec. 1.  

Salaries shall be:


• President:  $00.00 per month

• Vice President:  $375.00 per month

• Recording Secretary:  $250.00 per month

• Treasurer:  $250.00 per month

• Sergeant-of- Arms: $100 per month

• Three Members: $100 per month

• Stewards and Alternate Stewards: Reimbursed monthly dues per month when attending all scheduled meetings.(excluding E-Board meetings)



Sec. 2.

All disbursements for authorized expenditures made in behalf of The Union shall be supported by receipts, vouchers, or other reasonable proof of claim.


Sec. 3.

Donations.  All motions for donation will be limited to a maximum of $250.00 unless put to committee and voted on at the next regularly scheduled membership meeting.


Article X - Order of Business


1. Call to Order.

2. "Pledge to the Flag"

3. Roll call of officers

4. Reading of minutes of the previous meeting.

5. Communications and Bills (Treasurer's Report)

6. Recognition of New Member and Initiation

7.Reports of Accidents, Sickness or Death

8. Presidents Report

9. Committee Reports-Apprenticeship-Safety-Etc.

10. Unfinished Business

11. New Business

12. Good of the Union

13. Adjournment


Article XI - Amendments


Sec. 1.


1. These By-laws may be amended or changed by any such proposal being submitted in writing and read at two (2) Membership meetings, the second meeting being notified for the purpose of acting on the proposal.

2. The Trades Board/By-Laws Committee shall study such proposal and make recommendation to the membership at the second meeting where action on the proposal will take place.

3. Such action on the proposal will be decided at the second meeting by majority vote of the members present and voting.

4. Notification shall be by posting notice on all Trades Bulletin Boards


Article XII - Charges, Trials, Appeals and Disciplinary Actions Against Members


Sec. 1.

All charges, trials, appeals, formal hearings, and disciplinary actions shall be governed by this Article of The Union's By-laws.


Sec. 2.

The Trades Board shall have jurisdiction in respect to the charges against its members or officers for violations of the by-laws.

Sec. 3.

Charges may be brought by any member in good standing and must be submitted in writing to the Trades Board, signed by the charging party, and specify the section of sections of these by-laws allegedly violated. The charges must state the act or acts considered being in violation, including approximate relevant dates or places.


1. The basis and evidence of charges will be verified to determine if a trial or a hearing will proceed.

2. A letter through registered mail shall inform the accused immediately of the nature of the accusations against him or her.

3. Charges must be filed within fifteen (15) calendar days after the charging party became aware of the alleged violation.

4. A Hearing Officer will be selected by the Trades Board.

5. A date and time will be scheduled for the hearing or trial as promptly as possible.

6. Notices of the hearing will be mailed to each participating party by letter through registered mail.

7. These proceedings will be closed to the general membership.


Sec. 4.

In all hearings, trials and other matters, which are to be decided and acted upon by the Trades Board, the conduct of the hearing and the taking of evidence may be performed by a deputized member or officer duly appointed to act in the matter and shall act as the Hearing Officer. At the conclusion of the trial or hearing, such representative shall make summary of the evidence and report his or her findings and conclusions to the Trades Board. The decision in the case shall be made by the Trades Board as to any disciplinary action to be taken and reported at the next regularly scheduled Membership meeting.


Sec. 5.

The Basis of Charges against members or officers may, among other things consist of the following:


1. Disloyalty to The Union

2. Threats against officers or members

3. Wronging a member of The Union causing him or her physical or economic harm

4. Engaging in activities designed to bring about a withdrawal or secession from The Union or causing harm to the operation of The Union

5. Disrupting union meetings or the operation of the Union, using abusive language, drinking intoxicants during the meetings

6. And for such other acts and conduct which shall be considered inconsistent with the duties and obligations and loyalty of a member or officer of The Union


Sec. 6.

Decisions and penalties imposed upon members and officers found guilty of charges may consist of reprimands, fines, and the suspension of the rights and privileges as members in good standing.


Sec. 7.

When a decision is handed down by trial, that decision shall stand and remain in full force and effect unless changed by the Trades Board, if an agreement has been reached between the person found guilty of the charges and the Trades Board.


Article XIII - Initiation of Members and Oath of Stewards


Sec. 1.

Initiation of Members. I (state your name) do solemnly swear to uphold the Brotherhood of The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc., its By-laws and labor agreement with The University of Michigan. If so signify by saying "I will".


Sec. 2.

Oath of Stewards. I (state your name) do solemnly swear to uphold the office of Shop Steward, and abide by the By-laws of The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc., and to enforce the labor agreement with The University of Michigan. If so signify by saying I will.


Article XIV- Bonus and Incentives


a. The union will allow members to participate in incentive programs provided they have no bearing or effect on our negotiated wage or benefit package.


b. Bonuses will be allowed provided they are dispensed equally to all members within the department or seniority group, are not paid out more than one time per year, and the Trades Board is notified in writing 60 days in advance.


c. No merit payments to individuals will be allowed


These By-laws were amended and approved by the membership and current Officers on June 22, 2017 and signed by:


F. Kenneth Chaves


Clint Fink

Vice President

Bob Melise

Recording Secretary 



© Copyright 2012 The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union. All Rights Reserved.