Kenneth Chaves


Negotiating Committee (E-Board):


Jeff Bentley

Clint Fink

Kyle McClure


Vice President: 

Richard Clark


Recording Secretary:

Bob Melise


Apprenticeship Committee:


Tom Clements

Clint Fink

Kyle McClure

John Miller



Jack Haynes



Gary Boehmer





2013 Elected Stewards are:


Electricans (Plant)

(Construction Services, Regions, Fire Alarm, and Elevator):

Vic Caballero


Masons, Plasterers, Laborers, and Materiel Expediters:

Mike Crawford



All other Steward areas were uncontested.




Union   Elections


Article IV - Officers and Duties


The President shall represent The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc. at all conference grievances and all other meetings with the University of Michigan personnel; appoint all standing committee chairpersons and members, except where excluded by these By-laws; report monthly to the membership and Executive Board regarding the general status and affairs of The Union; represent all members during contract negotiations, grievance proceedings and arbitration proceedings with the University of Michigan; and promote as necessary, the welfare of The Union and its individual members; and shall be signatory to all Financial accounts.

Vice President:

The Vice President shall preside at all membership meetings and Executive Board meetings of The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc.; and shall assist the President as required and requested by the President. In the event of the inability of President to perform his or her duties, as set forth above and in the Organizational Articles and By-laws of the Board of Directors, the Vice President shall act in his or her place instead; and shall be signatory to all Financial accounts.

Recording Secretary:

The Recording Secretary shall record the minutes of regular and special meetings of the membership of The Union; carry on all correspondence for the Trades Board as directed by the President; keep records of all elections of The Union; and carry out all other duties as are usual and necessary for the Office of Recording Secretary and as requested by the President and shall be signatory to all Financial accounts.


The Treasurer shall over see all Financial affairs, deposits, disbursements, Audits, reports of The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc.; and shall be signatory to all Financial accounts; and shall make no disbursement without sanction of the members or Executive Board, except for payments of regular and standing bills such as rent, salaries and payments to the Trades Board which do not require a vote of the members or Executive Board.


The Sergeant-At-Arms shall be considered an officer of The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc.. The Sergeant-At-Arms shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of the membership at all meetings. The Sergeant-At-Arms may appoint assistants in the performance of his aforementioned duties. The Sergeant-At-Arms shall prepare a roster of all members in attendance at each regularly scheduled and specially called meeting; and, at the conclusion of same, deliver said roster to the Recording Secretary.


The three (3) members:

Elected by the general membership of The University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, Inc. for the purpose of negotiations as referred to in Article VI, Section 1, shall also be considered as officers of The Union.


Article V - Stewards

Stewards shall be elected from the area over which they have jurisdiction pursuant to the existing Collective Bargaining Agreement with the University of Michigan. The elections shall be held in October of odd numbered years prior to the General Membership meeting. All members are eligible for nomination for the position of Steward.

Steward's Duties:

• To have a copy of the current Agreement, By-laws, and seniority list, and are familiar with the same.

• To see that the best interest of The Union is encouraged and protected.

• To report to the President or Vice President any violation of the Agreement.

• To perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President.


Steward elections will be carried out by the following procedure:


  1. A notice will be sent out to all members, in the month of September of an election year, notifying the members of the upcoming elections.
  2. Any member who would like to run for Steward or Alternate Steward must contact the President no later than October 7th.
  3. A list of candidate will be posted in each shop area and the Union website.  Only candidates for the area of representation will be posted in the shop.  The shop posting will be the responsibility of the current Steward, additionally; the Steward will place a sealed box in the shop area (or other convenient location) for the purpose of collecting ballots.
  4. Voting will occur by placing a signed ballot in the ballot box, e-mailing your vote to the president, hand delivering your ballot to the President, or any other verifiable means approved by the President and will end at 4:00 p.m. on the 4th Thursday of October.
  5. The election results will be posted on the Union website no later then I week after voting has been completed.




Article VII - Elections (Election of Officers)

1. Term of Office. The term of office of all elected officials shall be three (3) years or until their successors are duly elected.

2. All members are eligible for nomination as an elected officer.  No member shall be eligible for office unless he/she has been a member in continuous good standing for at least one (1) year immediately prior to nominations. No apprentice shall be eligible to hold an elected office.

3. Nominations for elected offices shall be conducted at the September Membership meeting in the year of the election unless the Union is engaged in contract negotiations, then nominations will be at the next Membership meeting following ratification by the membership. 

4. Elections for these offices will be held on  the next membership meeting day following nominations.

5. At the Membership meeting when nominations are made and those nominated are found to be qualified, nominations are closed.  The Vice President shall appoint an Election Judge and as many tellers as are required, who shall serve as an Election Board to conduct the election. The Election Board shall have ballots prepared, listing in alphabetical order, the names of all candidates for each respective office. Such ballots shall not contain any identifying numbers or marks. No candidate for any office shall be eligible to serve on the Election Board.  Lost time will be paid to not more than five (5) people overseeing the election polls.

6. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Polls will open at 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

7. On the day when elections are held, the Election Board shall conduct an orderly election, providing each qualified voter with one official ballot, and a place where that voter may complete that ballot in secret.

8. When the polls have closed and voting has ceased, the Election Board shall immediately count and tabulate the ballots. A report of the election results shall be made immediately by the Election Board. All ballots and other papers shall be preserved and sealed for one (1) year from the date of the election, after which the same shall be destroyed unless a question has arisen concerning the same.

9. Eligibility to vote. All members in good standing are eligible to vote.

10. In the event the candidate does not receive a majority of the votes cast for a specific office, then a run off election will be held between the two (2) candidates receiving the highest number of votes. This does not include candidates for the Negotiating Committee, which shall be decided for the candidates receiving the most votes.

11. When a run off election is necessary, such an election shall be held at the next regular meeting after the regular election is held.

12. If any member is scheduled to work all of the hours that the polls are open, that employee shall be allowed to vote in a manner determined by the Election Board. If any member is scheduled to work during any meeting called for the purpose of voting on amendments to the By-laws or increase or decreases in dues, those members shall be allowed to vote in any manner proposed by the President and approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.

13. (1) Members in good standing and qualified to vote who expect to be unable to visit the polls on election day may at any time within thirty (30) days but not less than five (5) days prior to the date of election, make application in writing stating good cause to the Election Judge for an absentee ballot. Any such qualified applicant shall be furnished an official ballot and two envelopes. One envelope shall be smaller than the other and shall be marked only with the words: "OFFICIAL BALLOT". The larger envelope shall be pre-addressed to the Election Board and shall contain a space in the upper left-hand corner where the member shall place their name and address. (2) Upon a member receiving an absentee ballot, he of she shall mark same and enclose it in the smaller envelope marked: "OFFICIAL BALLOT". This envelope shall then be placed in the larger envelop and mailed to the Election Board in time to be received before the polls are closed on election day. The Election Board shall open the envelopes, remove the small envelope marked: "OFFICIAL BALLOT: and deposit the same in the ballot box with the other ballots. (3) No member receiving an absentee ballot shall be permitted to vote in person at the election, unless he or she has first returned the absentee ballot unmarked to the Election Judge.