General Membership Meeting

May 25, 2017









The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm with 41 members present.


The minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted.


The treasurer’s report was read and accepted.


All officers were present.



Recognition of new members


There were 2 new members sworn in. 


Reports of accidents sickness and death –


It was reported that-

Mike Toth stepfather passed.


Presidents Report –


The presidents Grievance summary is as follows –


· Hospital Manager doing FA work heard on 4/13

· CS electrician OT heard on 4/13

· Central Campus East MM replacing ballasts scheduled 4/24 heard, Denied and submitted for arbitration.

· Grounds employees doing roofing scheduled 4/25 granted. Roofers all paid 6 hours OT.

· Laborer OT scheduled 4/26 settled without hearing.

· Jacket give away scheduled 4/26. Not yet resolved.

· New CS electrician OT filed. Settled at hearing.

· Discharge grievance heard.

· Hospital Ballast work settled.  Overtime payments to electricians.



·  Powerhouse Steamfitter replacement heard in January (denied).

·  IUOE assigned as helper (submitted)

·  BME being rescheduled To June 16

.·  Athletic Tech scheduled for 5/19

·  BMET Lead clarification scheduled for June 20. (Unit clarification.)

·  BMET Merc hearing scheduled for June 2th



Arbitration summary-


Other Business under the president’s report –


· FA / MM issues meeting.

· Had a special conference to discuss hiring painters. Seems to have gone well.

· Met with University “branding” department. An issue with our logo the block m is trademarked and they don’t want us to use it. Contact Ken with any ideas for a new logo.


Committee reports –



Unfinished Business –

Golf outing- there was a motion to have a golf outing on August 19 at Calderone farms golf course with a budget of $3500 sponsored by the union. Ken Swift bbq will cater it. .  The tickets will be $35 the motion was seconded and the motion was passed.

Kens Computer was purchased. The total cost was $505.58


New Business –

Question was asked about the Pump classification- Ken reported we talked about it but hasn’t heard back from the University.

The president proposed a bylaw change to increase the salaries of the officers and add a payment to the e-board. The proposed increases consisted of- The president $0 No increase, The Vice president will increase from $320 to $375 per month.  The recording secretary and treasurer will increase from $200 per month to $250. The E-board will change from dues reimbursement to payment of $100 per month. There will be another reading of this proposed by law change and a vote at the June general membership meeting.

Good of the union –


The jacket drawing was held and number 179 jacks Haynes was present.



Adjournment –


The meeting was adjourned at 5:01 pm.